Simple. Practical. Efficient.

With Isa we strived for a combination of total efficiency and practicality. Two concepts that not often co-exist in a product as complex as a car. By combining smart design, ultra lightweight materials and minimalist solutions, Isa is a fully electric car with an equivalent efficiency of 1 liter petrol for 400 kilometers.

12 kg of batteries

Fully electric

90 km range

Worthy for the public roads

The most efficient of the continent

To prove that Isa is a real car it was clear from the very beginning that she should be designed to drive on the public roads. As of 2014 Isa is the proud owner of 7-TTK-35, a real license plate.

This means that Isa is proven to be roadworthy and has been subjected to heavy scrutinizing to test every aspect for reliability, durability and of course safety.

By passing its roadworthy test, Isa can now also be crowned as the most efficient car with a license plate in Europe. 

The fully-electric car has an equivalent efficiency of 400 kilometers on just 1 liter of petrol!