The car that nature would have built

With Lina we realized that in order to make our most sustainable car so far, we had to start designing from scratch. Instead of using traditional materials to build the chassis and the body panels, we wanted to take a look what nature has to offer. After a long phase of testing we can now finally call Lina world’s structural biobased car.

100 km range

Fully electric


It is all plants

To deserve the titel of world’s first structural biobased car, both the chassis and bodypanels are made from plants! After a lot of testing we found a plant species that is perfect for this applications: flax. Flax plants can grow in any moderate climate and can be easily adopted in the crop rotation of farmers. 

Compared to convential materials such as aluminium and carbon fibre, the flax materials is up to six times more energy efficient in production!

Plants on the road

It has been clear from the beginning that Lina should obtain a license plate. This is the only way to convince people that flax could be a future substitute for other materials such as aluminium or carbon fibre.

After heavy scrutineering and testing every single component of the car, Lina is now allowed to drive on the public roads with a fully legal license plate. Lina can now be seen on the roads near you!