Lisa van Etten

Project Manager Luca

When we started in February 2019, we wanted to look at the problems of today. One of the big problems is the amount of waste that is generated annually: 2,100,000,000 tons.

With Luca, the team want to show that sustainable technology can be sexy, by implementing waste as a valuable material into a sporty looking car.

“By 2050plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish.”


-Ellen MacArthur Foundation

A unique material

The main part of the chassis will be made of a bio-based composite made of flax, fully recycled PET and PP, straight out the ocean!

Finding Balance

In Luca, the part where the driver and passenger will be made of the sandwich panel. The front and the rear will have spaceframes made out of recycled aluminium. This way we will make the car lighter to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of materials: In our eyes this will be the perfect balance.

Embrace waste

The body of Luca will be made of a unique material developed by UBQ. This company makes an additive for plastics out of household waste that usually ends up in landfill. 


Besides the production, we also want to have a sustainable solution, when driving the car. That is why Luca will utilize in-wheel motors. This way we mitigate losses in the drivetrain and can reach a battery-to-wheel efficiency of up to 92%.

Optimize computer use

Modern cars use to have big infotainment screens. We believe that this is a waste of resources, since cars are standing still 96% of the time. Therefore Luca will use your phone as the infotainment system.

Because we want you to focus on the road, we will display the most important information on the windshield through a heads up display.

Want to see more of Luca?

Download our press package to get more information about Luca.  The package contains a press release,  and lots of (high quality) photos!