We are Changing the Car

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we focused on something much more simple: extending the use phase of vehicles. If you drive 200.000 kilometers with a car instead of 100.000 you would cut your emissions per kilometer in half!

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Made by Atrolads

Concept EM-08

But how do we do this? Well EV’s don’t need much repair, since they don’t have a clutch that can break down. Most experts say the battery will outlive the rest of the car, and electric motors are much simpler and easier to maintain (Jerew, 2021). On the other hand interior things like upholstery might get damaged and out of fashion quicker (Westbrook, 2019). While safety systems like camera’s and sensors have new versions and features.

This leaves a relative big gap in the lifespans of components. That’s where our idea comes in. Why don’t we pull the two lifecycles apart? We have our bottom part of the car with the long lasting systems, like the drivelines, steering system, braking and suspension. While we have the systems with a shorter lifecycle in the top. Now we can separate these two lifecycles and instead of replacing the whole car, we can only replace the top part of the car and thus reducing production emissions significantly.

Want to know more? Take a look at our socials. More information on the car and the concept will be published there in the upcoming months.