Our goal for this year is the world’s first CO2 neutral car from scratch!

Louise de LaatTeam Manager

EM-07 Net Zero

This year’s team of TU/ecomotive is presenting the world’s first CO2 neutral car from scratch. This concept has been chosen because the transport sector is responsible for the biggest share of greenhouse gas emissions and this means that this is the area where we have the most room for improvement. Also, the choice has of course been made with the green deal in mind.

In 2030, Europe should have reduced their CO2 emissions by 55% in comparison to 1990. In 2050, Europe should be the first climate-neutral continent. With TU/ecomotive, we give a great example of how it can also be done within the (automotive) industry and we show the possibilities of how these sustainability goals can be achieved.

CO2 Neutral

CO2 neutral mobility implies that the vehicle has zero carbon dioxide emissions during its production, use and end-of-life phase.

For the Production-Phase this means taking into consideration every material, component and bit of energy going into the production.

For the Use-Phase this means driving without emitting carbon dioxide

For the End-of-life Phase it is important to be able to reuse as much as possible and recycle what cannot be reused.



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