A story we would like to share

Mobility is one of the most important things in our day-to-day lives. It allows us to come together and share ideas. Now it is up to the industry to make mobility greener in every way possible.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The population of our planet is increasing drastically and estimations predict that we will reach a level of 10 billion people as soon as 2050. Besides this fact, people’s life expectancy is increasing all around the world. Next to this, since people live longer and the economy continues to grow, the claim on resources will triple or even quadruple. The problem is that the planet only delivers so many resources per year and therefore more resources are consummated than the earth can produce. Every year the Earth Overshoot Day is calculated: the calendar date on which humanity’s resource consumption for the year exceeds earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources within a year. In 2017 this day was August 2nd. The team believes that to solve this excessive use of resources, society has to adopt a circular economy. By recycling products, using renewable resources and by using smart design less resources are taken from the planet.

With Noah, the team proved that a circular economy is already possible in complex products (such as a car) today. Noah is sustainable in each phase of its life: production, use and recycling.