We are TU/ecomotive

Student team based at the Eindhoven University of Technology that aims at shaping the future of sustainable mobility by implementing the most recent innovations into concept cars.

This is what we stand for


Showcasing possibilities

With the six, almost seven, cars that we have made in the last 10 years we show the possibilities within the field of sustainable mobility. The cars are a tangible representation of the hard work of a student team with students from 8 different fields. If we can do it, why would a big company not be able to?

Sustainability as our driver

The world has ending resources. We want to apply our sustainable view onto mobility because it is such a big aspect of people’s lives, but also a big aspect of pollution.
We want to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses by implementing sustainable innovations.

Daring the industry

With TU/ecomotive we want to inspire the bigger companies and dare them to be as innovative as we are. With only 42 students we build a new, innovative car every 1-1.5 year and we want to dare the big companies to achieve the same level of innovativeness. We showcase the possibilities on a relatively small scale so the industry is dared to implement the innovations on a bigger scale.

Inspiration to others

With TU/ecomotive we want to show the industry as well as the general public what the possibilities are regarding the future of sustainability within the automotive sector. We will reach the public by the use of social media and the website, being present at events and working together with schools. To reach the public, our car would often be used as a showcase of the possibilities that we see as a team.

Growing our movement

We want to make an impact within the industry and on the general public by making them think about the future of sustainable mobility. Together with them, we want to build a movement to generate momentum towards faster sustainable innovations within the automotive industry.
Main goal

Pushing the status quo

Our concept cars are great examples of what investment into the future can look like. Lets change the industry!

World's first modular car
World's first plant based car
World's first waste based car

Our Story


Mobility is an important aspect within our day-to-day lives. With TU/ecomotive, we show that it is possible to make the mobility sector more sustainable by using different materials, different methods and a mindset different from the big mobility industry.

Rotating concepts

With every team, we tackle a different problem regarding sustainable mobility which makes us flexible with what we are working on and it also enables us to keep up with the newest innovations. We are constantly changing but our message stays the same, the future of sustainable mobility is now!

Student Team

We are a student team from the Eindhoven University of Technology that focuses on the future of sustainable mobility. Our team changes with every concept car that we build and currently exists out of 42 students from 8 different studies from the Eindhoven University of Technology as well as Fontys University of Applied Sciences.


To actually build a fully functioning car there is more needed than a great team alone. Luckily there are a lot of companies that have the same vision and are willing to partner up with us to make it all happen. 

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Our Legacy

To Be Anounced
Embracing Waste
Sustainable in all life phases
The car that nature would have built
Reduce complexity, add flexibility
Simple. Practical. Efficient.
Shell Eco-marathon
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Meet the team

These are the amazing people that work towards a more sustainable future!

Louise de Laat

Team Manager

Jop van Aken

Project Manager

Nikki Okkels

External Relations Manager

Jens Lahaije

Account Manager

Philip van Veelen

Chief Design

Rien Beckers

All-round Designer

Duco Warnaar

Interior & Trim Designer

Max Crutzen

All-round designer

Sander Takkenberg

Brand Design & Strategy

Tessa van Eden

External Relations

Lars Holster

Events and Tour Manager

David Marković


Aurelia T.C. Kriwat

Breaking Systems

Mateusz Michalski

Chief Mechanical

Ivan T. Staykov


Lars W.E. Hilkens

Steering Systems

Daniils Balonuskovs

Monocoque & Aerodynamics

Christian Friedmann

Doors & Openables

Vadims Kisels

SBS scrum master

Luka Fieten

Motor & Drivetrain

Kendall Mathew

Motor & Pedal Controls

Gillianne A.C. Conquet


Jia Ming Ong

Direct Air Capture and total system

Ruvimbo Michelle Mukonoweshuro

Dashboard & Infotainment

Iwan Bloksma

Solar panels, Bi-directional charging and total system

Sarp Deger

Direct Air Capture

Dylan van Tongeren

Bi-directional charging

Jelle Maliepaard

Cooling system

Ivana Paulusova

CO2 Neutrality

Leonard Stenger

CO2 neutrality

Jelle Brans

CO2 neutrality

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