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We wanted to look at the problems of today. One of the big problems is the amount of waste that is generated annually

Lisa van EttenTeam Manager

Luca Embraces Waste

We started working on Luca in February 2019, presenting the designs and plans they had for the car in December. Less than a year later, the team has built a revolutionary car. The exterior is made from a combination of flax fibres and recycled plastic – mostly PET bottles fished from the ocean.

In addition to this, the body of the car is made from recycled ABS, a hard plastic used in many consumer products, including toys and televisions. The windows are also made from recycled materials. This sustainability extends to the materials used for the interior of the car, and the seat coverings and centre console are also made from recycled plastic.


Luca Details

This is no paint, it is a wrap that is made from pure plastic!
Chassis made from flax, a bio-based composite!
You can drive from the North Sea beach to the German Border on one single charge!
Luca weighs 50% of a regular car!


Translated range on 1L gasoline
Lighter than comparable cars
What Luca stands for

Sustainable technology can be sexy