Design Presentation Luca: Embrace waste!

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On Thursday, December 12th we revealed Luca at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Luca will be the sixth car of the TU/ecomotive family and is our vision for what we believe will be sustainable mobility for a sustainable future. Embrace waste! This is the concept around which Luca will be created. With Luca we want to address the problem of […]

Noah visits Milan

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In the beginning of April, TU/ecomotive was present at SEMiEurope and at NXP in Milan. During these days, we gave a presentation and many people were able to meet Noah, like the counsul-general of Milan of the Netherlands. With Noah and four team members of TU/ecomotive, the trip to Milan began. For three members, it would be their first event […]

Team 2017 – 2018

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A new year, a new team. Since September 2017 a completely new team took over the TU/ecomotive office. We have learned a great deal from the previous teams and are ready to tackle new problems and to explore new possibilities For the first time in two years, TU/ecomotive starts with a completely new team. The team is highly motivated to […]