Making without taking sounds impossible. But it has been our goal all along.

Jelle Vonk

Team manager Noah

From the start we noticed that a great deal of the total carbon footprint of a car is emitted during the production process. We made it our goal to produce a car which would be sustainable in all its life phases.

From production to use and ultimately recycling.

A revolutionary material

A biocomposite from flax and sugar

kilograms of pressure
+ 0 %
renewable resources
20 %
acre flax field needed for Noah

Designed to be personal

Noah is equipped with several smart features focused on the driver. Noah can be unlocked with any smart device with an NFC chip. Noah immediately recognizes who you are and adjusts all the interior settings to your preference, loads your contact list and finds your destination from you phone to enable the GPS and get you to your appointment on time.

Performance is key

Range (km)
Top speed (km/h)
Kilometers per liter

Home in the city

Noah is designed to feel at home in the city. With a high-powered electric motor in the back, Noah is ready for any situation it can encounter. Combined with its small turning radius of just 5 meters Noah is the perfect city car.

It is all plants!

Noah’s body and chassis are completely made from plants. For the chassis a combination of sugar and flax is used while the body is also made from flax fibers. Flax grows in any moderate climate and is a fast growing crop.

Best of all: Noah can be made from just 7% of 1 hectares of flax field and the material can be composted at the end of its life in the car!


A car would not be a real car without excellent performance, however, without compromising efficiency. That is why Noah utilizes the SmeshGear. A revolutionary gearing system that combines both fast acceleration and optimized efficiency.

Noah Specs


Fully electric


15 kWh (Modular)


Rear-wheel drive


2 Adults


10" Touchscreen


360 kg


2100 mm


1700 mm


1500 mm


500 liter

Want to see more of Noah?

Download our press package to get more information about Noah: world’s first circular car.  The package contains a press release, full factsheet of the car and lots of (high quality) photos!