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We are very excited to announce that our car is finally finished after a year of hard work! To celebrate that our car is finished we will have two separate presentations.

The car reveal on Thursday the 21st of July will be held at the Louwman museum in the Hague. On this day all our partners and the press are invited. Our partners have helped us very much with accomplishing our goal, that is why we are very excited to showcase our car to them first. The car reveal on the 21st will also be live streamed on YouTube, so make sure you are ready to watch the reveal at 13:00.

On the 22nd of July we will have the second day of our car reveal. This day is for the family members and friends that have supported us during our journey. Without their support it was not possible to make our amazing new car. The second day of the car reveal takes place in Atlas at the Eindhoven university of technology. This place feels like the right fit for us to celebrate our process and end result with friends and family, since we worked the entire year at the university.

We are looking forward to present our car to you and the rest of the world!

Stay green and see you later 🍃