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It has been an eventful month again. But what exactly has happened?

The month started with a teaser video of our new vision and car. We are excited to show you this kind of footage and to keep you up to date with the car. This video is also part of the new direction we are heading as a team, fitting with the new branding we revealed last month.

Next to this amazing content, we have been introducing our team on the socials. Since we want to highlight not only our amazing project but TU/ecomotive in general, we are proud of our team.

Our pillars

As defined on the ‘about us’ tab on our website, we have five pillars that we as a team find most important.

1. Showcasing possibilities: This pillar stands for the innovation we seek and achieve as a team. We want to find new and innovative solutions to existing problems and use these in our projects; highlighting possibilities.

2. Sustainability as our driver: As said we want to find solutions to problems, but what are these problems? We see the way the environment and sustainability are handled now as a problem. The mobility sector is the most polluting and too little action is taken. Therefore, we have to see sustainability as our driver, to produce greener alternatives.

3. Inspiration to others: As said we want to show our innovations, yet we want to inspire as well. We want to do more than only innovate and show this. We want to make a change and to inspire others to innovate and help get more sustainable. That is why we want to give insight to the team. With our social media platforms and with these general updates we want to create a personal connection and inspire those who read it.

4. Daring the industry: Tying in perfectly with our previous pillar, we want to dare the industry. So not only inspire people with the things that we do but dare the industry to do the same. That way we will make a greater impact and step by step solve the problems around the environment. Already supported by some great partners we hope to inspire and dare more companies to join our movement or dare them to come up with similar solutions.

5. Growing our movement: When aiming to solve such a problem there is only so much we can do. That is why we want to grow, as a team and a movement. To create more awareness for the problems and to show what we can do to help solve them. Not only partners or big industries, but we also want to engage the youth as well. Collaborating in high school projects is an important aspect of growing our movement.

All these pillars define us as a team and it is important to know the history of the team to better understand what we are working on right now. Since these pillars will play a central role in our car.

Since we are moving more towards the exciting building phase of our car, more and more updates about this process will be given on our social media as well as in future blogposts. Stay tuned!