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Air is all around us, providing a livable environment. Although air is essential, it is being polluted with emissions. How would it be to have a car that combats that?


Accounting for about 76 percent of global human-caused emissions, carbon dioxide (CO2) sticks around for quite a while. Once it’s emitted into the atmosphere, 40 percent still remains after 100 years, 20 percent after 1,000 years, and 10 percent as long as 10,000 years (NRDC, 2022).


This year we, the team EM-07, aim to build a CO2 neutral car. Keeping the air clean and the environment sustained. This video marks the start of a special journey.

Together we create

TU/ecomotive offers a platform to support a big variety of students from all kinds of disciplines, working together on one common end goal. This interdisciplinary learning environment gives the perfect opportunity to put our gained knowledge into practical use.

Sustainability as our driver

Mobility is an important aspect of our day-to-day lives. With TU/ecomotive, we show that it is
possible to make the automotive sector more sustainable by using different materials, manufacturing methods, and a mindset divergent from the big automotive industry.

Yet, the way we achieve this goal is different each year. Along with our TU/ecomotive family, we create contrasting vehicles with their own stories. This results in a history of various solutions to modern-day problems in mobility.

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