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Since the founding of TU/ecomotive in 2012 we have had the help of our partners to realize our dream of building the most sustainable cars. This year our team came in to contact with NAVCO international. After meeting each other, both our team and NAVCO were excited to work together for the first time.

NAVCO focuses on three types of solutions, namely: INSENSE, INTOUCH and INSIGHT. Their INSENSE solutions focus on safety and comfort. NAVCO, for example, accomplishes this safe and comfortable feeling for the driver with their cameras and sensors. The INTOUCH solutions are focused on infotainment and connectivity and INSIGHT focusses on interior and exterior lighting. Our team will be implementing NAVCO’s products from all of the three types of solutions.

We will for example use their infotainment system and heads-up display to ensure comfortability in the car. The rearview mirror and camera from NAVCO optimize the safety of the car. Finally, their interior lights will be placed inside the car.

The main goal of this years team is to build a CO2 neutral car. However, one of the things that we also want to accomplish in this car is luxury and comfort. NAVCO will help us reach this goal, that is why we are honored to be working together with them.

Stay green and see you later🍃