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We would like to get your attention for the TU/e contest!

This contest is an initiative of TU/e Innovation Space where engineers of the future compete against each other with their own innovative ideas. This year, TU/ecomotive is competing in the eight edition of this contest with our innovative idea of making the most sustainable car. By competing in the TU/e contest, we want to interact with the network, develop our skills and show the world what the future of mobility can look like.

Our challenge

The challenge we face with TU/ecomotive is that the transportation sector generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions emitted. We believe we can make a change and make transportation sustainable.

The solution

TU/ecomotive has built several cars with the goal in mind of making transportation sustainable. We have done this in the previous years with cars like Nova (modular car), Noah (plant based chassis and body) and our most recent car Luca (car based on waste). We are currently working on a car that focusses on another aspect of sustainability, emissions.

The mission

As you know our mission is to show everybody how sexy, modern and approachable sustainable transportation can be.

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